Here goes hope.


This. Here? I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. But I’ve been concerned that I’ll screw it up. Let’s be honest. Once you claim a name like “A Faith So Simple,” the labels start flying. Especially in today’s culture. And I absolutely hate labels. Don’t you? Who wants to be summed up in a few words? Or 140 characters?

But that’s when I realized that it really doesn’t matter what labels someone, anyone, decides to attach to this. Or to me. Because I just wanted, no … NEEDED, a place to list my blessings. A place to run back to whenever I can and let my inner Pollyanna run wild with childish abandon, gratitude and joy. Where no one can take that from me. A place to conquer all that is dark, cynical and critical with descriptions of and photos from God’s beautiful worlds … both large and minuscule. Just because I believe that for every minute we spend whining about what’s wrong with the world, we should spend another 59 appreciating and celebrating what’s right with it.

So, bring on those labels. I’m ready. How about … Hope Guardian? Prayer Warrior? Faith defender? Gratitude Girl?

And, one more that I’m still trying to convince myself that I’m worthy of (and I really love the sound of it) … Sacred Soul. Yeah. Here goes hope.

Published by

A Faith So Simple

I'm that girl who's always looking for the light, who's gonna tell you never to lose faith. I'm a work in progress every minute of every day ... rarely getting it right but always hoping.

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