Today’s Magic Moment

One of the best parts about being the Social Media manager for multiple organizations is getting to know the fans. It is fun to dive into your demographics and see what types of messages resonate with each market, but I’m talking about actually getting to learn about, or even meet, your fans individually.


I’m blessed to handle the social media for a large annual musical festival that is now just days away. (Eeeek!) The first year I handled the social, I noticed that there was a large number of fans who are passionate about the Festival. So, I came up with an idea to create an elite Superfan Club–to tap that fan power on social media. With the blessing of the Festival Director and a special hashtag, we were off. And those peeps surpassed my expectations BIG Time. Once we identified and announced these Superfans, it was like it was their JOB to promote our festival. (Music to the ears of any small budget organization, right?!!!)  So much fun!

This year, we’re repeating the Superfan program. Naturally, year 2 is a bit different. We ID’d some repeat Superfans and we invited a handful of bloggers into the mix. All good. But every now and then, I come across a fan that is the equivalent of one of those coveted Willy Wonka Bar Golden Tickets. Today I connected with one of those fans.


I noticed a devoted social media follower–we’ll call her SAHM (Stay-at-home-Mom)–who has been following our festival accounts on several social apps.  From her bios on those platforms, I’ve pieced together that she’s a Mom of 2, health-conscious, has a good social media “circle of friends,” and that recently she learned that her youngest has a rare genetic disease.


But it was her posts sharing her unbridled enthusiasm for our Festival that caught my attention.  It was clear that she was mentioning the festival for no other reason than she is just THAT excited about it.  So, I contacted her to tell her I had a couple of weekend wristbands for her.  Then something happened that I didn’t expect. Something that made MY day awesome. She emailed me this:

“REALLY? Are you kidding? Oh my gosh!! I’m SO excited! I’ll keep posting about it!! I can’t believe it. ME????!!!”  

Yes. YOU!

Because sometimes the universe rewards you when you’ve been living by the precept that life is something to be embraced, no matter what. Because maybe you were long overdue for something fun to happen for your family. Because you didn’t expect it. Because many little things aligned to make it happen. Because I have a cool boss who pretty much lets me run with any social promotions I wanna try. Because you’re as excited about our festival as we are!

Because God listened when I prayed today: Please let me be an instrument of your peace and joy.

And He replied, Okay. Get ready. I’m sending a double scoop of grace your way. With whipped cream and cherries on top. 

And THAT’S why I just couldn’t stop smiling all the way home. #AwesomeDay


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