What’s the Cost?

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Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is unhappy about something at every given moment, anymore?  The weather. What someone else said. Or what they didn’t say. Or how they didn’t meet our expectations for them.

Whoa. Did you catch that last one?  How they didn’t meet OUR expectations for them! (That’s a biggie, huh?!) When was the last time you were p.o’d at someone because they didn’t do what you expected them to do? (Nevermind that you didn’t TELL them what you expected. They should just KNOW! Am I Right?!)

In my family, we often invoke Dr. Phil’s famous adage: “There’s something about that guy I don’t like about myself.”  Ouch. We’re all guilty of that, huh?  Let me point out that splinter in your eye. Nevermind that massive 2×4 plank in mine. We’re talking about what’s wrong with YOU!   <LOL>

Lately, I’ve been feeling my life-clock. It’s running low on battery juice most days. And it drains quickly when I watch the news, read sad stories on the Internet, hear toxic comments about others. And that battery doesn’t hold the charge like it used to.  I’m starting to think A LOT about how my days, hours and minutes are being spent. If I spend half-a-day angry at something or someone, that’s COSTING me precious life that I could’ve been enjoying.

That’s minutes or hours I could’ve been appreciating today’s moody gray/white skies … or how my Corgi’s natural eyeliner is better than anything I can draw on my eyelid. (You are a rad artist, God!) Or maybe I could’ve spend those minutes laughing with someone I love. Because … at the end of this life … I can’t imagine that I’ll be laying there gnashing my teeth over how my hubby infuriated me by not reading my mind about taking the trash out that one day. Or how I deserved to be a speaker at some long forgotten conference. Or how disappointing life is because of some fly-by-night political figure.

Seriously. All. Small. Stuff.

And that’s all WAYYYYYY too expensive in my book. How about you? What are you spending your life on?


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